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Quick Tips for Twitter Marketing

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A huge part of any successful marketing strategy is engaging your audience and getting them to not only follow the campaign, but to actively participate in it. Yet, not everyone takes advantage of the fact that consumers are themselves a marketing resource. On Twitter in particular, there is an enormous amount of room for increased mobilization.

“Only one percent of brands ask their followers to Retweet,” according to a socialmouths.com article, despite the fact that thousands upon thousands of consumers being asked to retweet would undoubtedly produce, at the very least, respectable returns at no cost. With an average of 200 million tweets posted every day, it’s hard to imagine a broader canvas for advertising and referrals. And with a little work, companies can drastically increase participation by being smart about focusing marketing efforts, using their time as efficiently as possible.

Weekends, for example, see a 17% increase in engagement compared to the rest of the week (particularly compared to Wednesday and Thursday, when engagement is lowest). Likewise, tweets made between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. have the greatest chance of being retweeted and seen (reasonably, as posting earlier or too much later would be while most consumers are asleep). But, only 64% of brands actually take advantage of this fact, meaning that a third of companies and advertisers are missing out on increased audience participation.

Similarly, Fuseworkstudios, an internet marketing and web design firm, notes that tweets with less than 100 characters see a 17% increase in user engagement, meaning that keeping things short and sweet is undeniably beneficial. Give the audience the necessary information in the fewest words possible. More useful still is the knowledge that using hashtags doubles the chances that any particular tweet will be retweeted by other users. And since only 24% of tweets include hashtags, this means that most companies aren’t taking advantage of the trend in a way that they could, and should, be.

Most important of all though is this statistic: a tweet is 12 times more likely to be retweeted if the original poster asks for their followers to retweet it. Really. It’s that simple. Quick, easy, and free, asking followers to retweet is a no-brainer towards increasing audience participation.

So, in summary, when embarking on a new marketing campaign, use Twitter and:

  1. Post most often on weekends, while devoting less effort to Wednesday and Thursday
  2. Tweet between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.
  3. Keep tweets short, below 100 characters
  4. Use hashtags (but obviously don’t overload. One or two is ideal)
  5. Ask followers to retweet!

About Josh Kopel

Josh Kopel is a Marketing Intern here at The Search Agency. He is currently a student at Northwestern University.

6 Responses to “Quick Tips for Twitter Marketing”

  1. gareth says:

    great info thanks
    I have struggled to get my head round twitter but I am trying to improve my tweets and my twitter page.

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  3. Your’s is the intelligent approach to this issue.


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