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Quick Tip: How to Export More Rows from Google Analytics


With the new version of Google Analytics, there has been some confusion about how to export more rows than the maximum 500. We have had problems with this when trying to export keyword lists, URL page lists and more. In the previous version of GA, this trick would only work with exporting to CSV. But with the new version, you can export the additional data in any format.

If you have thousands of rows that need to be exported you can use the following workaround:

1. Go to the report that contains the data you want to export.

2. Go ahead and show 500 rows to start with (toggled at the bottom of the report):


 3. Then, once the report loads, go up to the url in your browser and scroll to the end of it. Find the part that says something like “rowCount%3D500/.” Then change the “500” to the number of rows you wish to have such as 10000. So the new end of your url will say something like “rowCount%3D10000/”. Then press enter


4. After pressing enter on the adjusted url, you should now see your report with more rows

5. Now you can export all these rows to any format you wish.

Never again be restricted to too little data!

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