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Bing, The Olympics and a Missed Opportunity – an Editorial

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Bing is missing the boat with the Olympics!

Whether you enjoyed the opening ceremonies or not, everyone’s excited about the Olympics…or at least aware that they’re underway. People are traveling to the UK to see them in person while others will be glued to their television set and internet devices trying to stay on top of their favorite events. Undoubtedly, people will want to share Olympic stories and standings with their friends. So they’ll be surfing (probably on Google), copy the link to the story and share it via Facebook and/or Twitter (OK and maybe Google+).

But guess what?! Bing may be an easier way to share Olympics-related stories. With their integration with Facebook, you can share stories with your Facebook friends instantly! I’ve actually done it myself just to see how easy it truly is. And it actually is quite easy.














Of course their sharing isn’t perfect. As you can see they allow you to share the link BUT they also pull a link to the Bing search query you used to find the article (and of course they make that the more dominant element). Ideally they swap the two so my shared link is more dominant, but that’s a discussion for a different blog post.

Neither Hide nor Hair of Bing in the US

What I’m here to discuss is that it actually is quite easy to share Olympic articles via Facebook from Bing, and definitely easier than doing so through Google (all you can do is share it via Google+, and who uses that???). So why hasn’t Bing made a huge media blitz pushing Olympic fans to use Bing and share Olympic news more easily???

They recently rolled out this Facebook integration in the UK, so you think they’d be sounding the alarm to get people to use it. Every hour there will be new news in regards to country standings, event results and personal stories about the Olympiads. This is a perfect scenario for Bing to do some good ol’ fashioned traditional offline marketing to get people to use Bing. But so far, I haven’t seen any promotion or even connection with Bing, the Olympics and the ease of sharing via their Facebook integration.

I then thought that maybe Bing’s doing more of a push in the UK for people actually in the heart of the action. So I asked our UK office if they have seen any commercials, billboards or any direct promotion of Bing in relation to a great way to discover and share Olympic stories.

I asked them to answer the following questions:

  1. Do you use Bing?
  2. Does this latest integration of Facebook make you want to start using Bing?
  3. Are you seeing more advertising (online or offline) promoting Bing in conjunction with the Olympics?

Here are their answers:

UK Team Member #1:

  1. I never use Bing.
  2. The latest Facebook integration doesn’t make me want to use Bing.
  3. I haven’t seen any Bing/Olympic specific advertising. Though I have seen an increase in general Bing advertising, especially at the cinema!

UK Team Member #2:

  1. I don’t really actively use Bing – I only go on maybe once a day to just look at the homepage’s picture and see if anything’s changed.
  2. The latest Facebook integration does not make me want to use Bing – I’m not on Facebook, so it would be redundant for me.
  3. I don’t think I’ve seen more advertising for Bing for the Olympics. There was a bit of a push for IE and Bing a while back when they launched a new TV advertisement for IE9, but it didn’t seem to be related to the Olympics, and I can’t say I’ve spotted Bing promotions amongst all the Olympic-heavy advertising that’s going on at the moment.

UK Team Member #3:

  1. I never use Bing so I really don’t have a clue about this new search feature; although I read about it somewhere and wanted to check it out. But I could not see the share buttons/links/buttons on the SERPs even when I was signed in.
  2. No, I’ll never start using Bing (other than for work) for any of its cool new features or enhancements unless Google crashes.
  3. Yet to see some ads of Bing+Olympics online and offline

UK Team Member #4:

  1. I am a fan of Bing, purely because I love the images on the search page. However, I nearly always use Google search. I would be more inclined to use Bing now with the integration of Facebook.
  2. I must admit, I haven’t noticed any advertising for Bing online or offline recently. We are getting totally bombarded with Olympic advertising here but it is largely from the big official sponsors – Visa, EDF, BP, LloydsTSB, Cadbury etc.
  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bing is targeting tourists rather than Londoners as we are already loyal to different apps for travel and transport around London.

To summarize, the few (but extremely qualified!) people surveyed prefer Google for search but a few enjoy Bing for the imagery utilized on the home page and some may use Bing for the new Facebook integration. But the consensus is that Bing is not doing any sort of heavy advertising in relation to the Olympics.  So they’re definitely missing out a huge opportunity to promote their brand in connection with a huge event that most of the world will have their eyes on. Who knows if Bing made a conscious decision not to leverage the Olympics as an opportunity to promote their Facebook integration and roll out in the UK.

BUT WAIT! Maybe they’re not even legally allowed to use the Olympics in any way to promote themselves. If that’s the case, well then I guess all this is moot. But if there’s a will, there’s a way?

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