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Search and Destroy: Ep. 1


Well, the time has come to debut our latest media project, The Search Agency’s newest (and only so far) podcast Search and Destroy.

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If you enjoy the podcast as much as we think you will, please do one or all of the following:

More on Search and Destroy:

Search and Destroy is intended to make you laugh, roll your eyes, and even…yes…learn a little something about online marketing.

Your hosts, SEO Wizard David Waterman [5] and Paid Search Sensei Greg Biggerstaff, will guide you toward search enlightenment.

Stay tuned for the latest news and discussion in all things Search, online marketing challenges, interviews with industry experts, and even some fun stuff like Strange App of the Week and Terrifying Tweets.

Humble beginnings….

Already have something to say?  Do us a favor and listen to the whole episode (it’s only 15 minutes) before you complain that you can’t understand Grant’s dodgy accent.

About Heather Sundell

Heather has five years of experience in online and offline marketing. She graduated from The University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and absolutely no idea how USC football works. An aspiring cyclist, blogger, and cheese enthusiast, she is currently honing her Gen Y skills by doing all three at once.