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How Facebook Search Can Take on Google (aka Another Facebook vs. Google Article)


I know we’re talking apples and oranges but it’s impossible NOT to compare Google and Facebook these days. I think it’s completely fair to match up these two companies because they are both vying for the same digital dollars in limited marketing budgets. Google and Facebook may be two different fruits, but they’re growing on the same earth.

A couple of months ago, speculation [2] over Facebook’s clandestine search product became less secretive and the digital industry started to treat this as a hot topic. From an SEO [3] perspective, where I spend most of my work week, a Facebook search product may be a game changer that would force us to reformulate our SEO strategies. Also, I love fruit-based metaphors.

After some discussion with ripened Search Agent Grant Simmons [4], I came up with a list of Facebook’s potential advantages in developing a search product if they can change the Google-driven search paradigm of indexing pages. (Or as I like to call it – Davidbook vs. Googliath 2012) Facebook would be insane to start indexing pages à la Google. They instead need to search leaner and meaner by leveraging their greatest asset – the user-generated content and activity of their 800+ million users.

Are you ready to bite into the forbidden fruit yet? Check out my full article “Can Facebook Change the Search Paradigm?” on GigaOm at http://gigaom.com/2012/06/24/can-facebook-change-the-search-paradigm/ [5].