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Google AdMob and AdWords – So Happy Together

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Google announced this morning that AdMob and AdWords have been integrated, allowing advertisers to target mobile apps within the AdWords user interface (UI). Along with the ability for advertisers to target mobile apps in the Doubleclick Ad Exchange and to serve ads from within Doubleclick for Advertisers (DFA), this merger completely consolidates AdMob into the Google system.

Bottom Line: It is now easier than ever for advertisers to capitalize on the mobile ad and app network.

Ok, but what do advertisers get out of this merger besides the ease of using one tool, the AdWords UI?

Before the merger, AdMob was best used for display banners on its website network and to target mobile apps, for:

1) Brand engagement and rich media display

2) Brand awareness and response

3) App promotion and/or to drive app downloads

The Google Display Network (for mobile, mGDN) was best used for text ads as well as display banners on its website network and to target apps, for:

1) Direct response campaigns driving to click-to-call

2) Direct response campaigns driving to the mobile web.

In olden days (like last week) you had to engage with both the mGDN and Admob separately to target the entire mobile market – from apps to content sites. Now, you can do it all in one place and can target both the AdMob network and the mGDN, or one or the other.

It gives advertisers an easier place to test out which network works best for their particular needs, without the need to engage with two different platforms. And, with the recent integration of mobile apps into the Ad Extensions tab, you can now track mobile app conversions on the UI, if the transaction is on an Android phone and if you also have a Google conversion pixel.

That’s a lot of ifs, but it still is a major improvement to app tracking in the past. As mobile continues to remain an advertising channel to be reckoned with, Google is stepping up to the challenge. Let’s see how well they manage it in the coming months. What are your thoughts?

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