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The Week We Searched For- May 11, 2012

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Bing revamps search- Microsoft launched an updated version of its Bing search engine this week with a new design and new features aimed at better integrating search and social networking.  The new design focuses on three main pillars: Core Search, Snapshot, and Sidebar panels.  Core Search focuses on organic search results and will omit many of the social features currently included in Bing results.  Snapshot provides further information about a particular results directly on the SERP.   Sidebar is a new social navigation features that allows users to better integrate their search and Facebook experiences.  Learn more from Bing: 

Federal Trade Commission probes Facebook-Instagram deal- The FTC is investigating Facebook’s pending $1 billion acquisition of the popular photo-sharing app Instagram.  The agency is reportedly investigating the deal on competitive grounds and has reached out to Facebook’s rivals Twitter and Google for their competitive perspective on the deal.  The inquiry could push the Facebook-Instagram deal into the third quarter.  It should be noted that investigations are typical for deals over $68.2 million.

Search results protected by First Amendment- According to a new report, commissioned by Google and conducted by law professor Eugene Volokh, concludes that search engines are protected under their First Amendment rights to select the search results they display.  Under this assumption, the report concludes that criticizing Google or any other search engine for favoring its own services in the search results is invalid.

Facebook plans App-store- Facebook has released its plans to launch an online app store, similar to Apple’s.  The store, called App Center, promises to solve the “app discover problem,” as Malorie Lucich described in an interview with Bloomberg, making finding apps easier and more customizable.

Yahoo sees further decline in search share- According to new data from comScore, Yahoo’s search traffic share has declined for the eighth consecutive month.

What we’re reading:

  • Google, Alert: Bing Wants “To Model Every Object On The Planet,” Reinvent Search- E.B. Boyd at Fast Company takes a closer look at Bing’s new design and discusses how it could suggest a significant shift in how search engines process results.
  • Sizing Up Facebook- With all the chatter over the past few months about Facebook’s IPO and its “real” worth, it’s been hard to predict what the company’s initial stock price will be and how it will fare on the open market.  Ben Levisohn from the Wall Street Journal explores Facebook’s value, the social media crazy, the Nasdaq, and what we should expect on day one in his new article.
  • Here’s What the Facebook App Center is Really About- Guest blogger Chester NG discusses the real motivations behind Facebook’s new App Center.


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