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The Week We Searched For- April 2, 2012

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The Week We Searched For- March 26- April 2, 2012

Google introduces a new way to do online market research- Google introduced a new service, called Google Consumer Surveys, which allows a company to do consumer research online in a fast, accurate, and affordable manner.

Google AdWords Update: Google introduces click-to-teleport Ad Extensions- Google rolled out a new extension to AdWords and DoubleClick on Saturday, called Click-To-Teleport.  The beta service aims to shorten the conversion funnel between online discover and offline purchase.  As David Kaufman, Teleportation & Time Travel Marketing Manager explains in a blog post announcing the search, “While features like call extensions and location extensions have aimed at solving the “online to store” marketing objective for multichannel advertisers, Click-to-Teleport shortens the offline conversion funnel by allowing a user to teleport directly to your business location by clicking on your search ad.”

Google rules April Fools (AGAIN)- Google out did themselves yesterday with even more fantastic fake product releases for April Fool’s Day.  Some favorites include: Really Advanced Search, Kangaroo Camera Task Force, Interplanetary Analytics.  Check them all out here. 

Facebook valued at over $102 billion on final stock auction before IPO- Facebook’s stock climbed from $41 to $44.10 a share on Friday, increasing its value after its final stock auction by $7 billion to $102.8 billion.

Google kills BuildMyRank.com- As part of its ongoing crusade against link buying, Google de-indexed an “overwhelming majority” of BuildMyRank’s network.  BuildMyRank represented an enormous network of high Page Ranking blogs, which were part of a larger link-building network.  Below is part of the statement released by BuildMyRank, announcing the closure of its service:

On a daily basis, we monitor our domain network to check metrics like page rank, indexed pages, etc. As with any link-building network, some de-indexing activity is expected and ours has been within a permissible range for the past two years. Unfortunately, this morning, our scripts and manual checks have determined that the overwhelming majority of our network has been de-indexed (by Google), as of March 19, 2012. In our wildest dreams, there’s no way we could have imagined this happening.

It had always been BMR’s philosophy that if we did things a bit different from other networks, we would not only have a better quality service to offer our users, but a longer life in this fickle industry. Sadly, it appears this was not the case.

What We’re Reading-

  • Facebook Delves Deeper Into Search- With Facebook revamping its internal search product with the help of several high profile former Googlers, Douglas MacMillan and Brad Stone of Business Week ask whether or not Facebook has the chance to bite into Google’s majority search market share.
  • The Human Voice, as Game Changer Natasha Singer of The New York Times profiles Nuance Communications, the leading creator of voice technology and the speech-recognition engine behind Apple’s iPhone Siri.  The article gives an exciting peek into the future of speech-recognition technology and hints at how it may impact consumer behavior.
  •  An Open Letter to Google: Get it Together with Brand Pages– Jessica Lee addresses Google directly, asking, begging, for them to open the doors of Google+ brand pages to marketers who are unsatisfied with Facebook’s Brand Timeline.

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