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How to Create a Mobile Marketing Dashboard in Google Analytics



Mobile devices are accessing the internet now more than ever, and savvy marketers are closely watching and optimizing their mobile audiences. It’s helpful to break out this data to see the conversion rate per device so problems or optimization opportunities can be identified. This tutorial will show you how to setup a custom dashboard to analyze your mobile audience:


  1. Create a New Dashboard in the new version of Google Analytics
  2. Add widgets according to what datapoints you want to see, for ours we did:
    • Visits
    • Goal Completions
    • Bounce Rate
    • Pie Graph of Visits grouped by Visitor Type (New vs Returning)
    • Timeline of Visits compared with Pageviews
    • Table with Mobile Device Model, Visits and Goal Conversion Rate
    • Pie graph with Visits grouped by Medium
    • Table with Screen Resolution, Visits, and Goal Conversion Rate
    • Now comes the tricky part. We are going to add a filter to all these widgets with the following to only show mobile traffic:
      • Only Show: Mobile
      • Exactly Matching: Yes


Now that Google has allowed filtering within the new dashboards, they can be created for virtually anything. We are currently building many targeted dashboards for our clients.

What are some other dashboards you’ve seen out there? How do they compare? Let us know in the comments!