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AdWords Near Exact and Near Phrase

Recently, Google announced some important changes [1] coming to the management of phrase and exact match keywords and a new campaign setting for AdWords advertisers.

What is the new setting?

Below is a screen shot of what this new campaign setting looks like under “Advanced settings” for a single campaign:


This new setting is auto defaulted to “Include plurals, misspellings, and other close variants”. If you were to keep this setting, this means if you had an exact match term of [red basketball shoe], you could be matched to terms like ‘red basketball shoes’. If you opted out of this setting, you could only be mapped to ‘red basketball shoe’ with no other variants.

It is important to note that even though you are opted into this setting, Google will not be mapping additional queries to exact and phrase match until mid-May 2012.

Who should opt in?

This new setting will be great for advertisers that want to get more reach with AdWords with limited oversight and campaign management.

Who should opt out?

Advertisers that are actively managing their AdWords campaigns should opt out of this setting to keep exact and phrase terms as tight as possible.  Data mining should be achieved through Search Query Reports through broad match terms in the account.

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