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3 Types of Infographics That Make Me Vomit!


I may be a lamp, but I still get sick over nauseating things.  For example, I can’t read while riding in a car. I get car sick! The same goes for reading infographics. That’s right; I just can’t stand them! I take one look at them and puke my electronic guts out.

At first I couldn’t understand why infographics made the insides of my base turn. But then I sat down and figured out that it’s not necessarily all infographics that make me ill, but rather certain types that make me lose it. In fact, there are 3 types that truly sicken me. So without further ado, here are the 3 types of infographics that make me vomit.

1)     The “Too Much Data” Infographic!

I’ve seen waaaay too many infographics that are just PACKED with data. They try to communicate too many details all at once. If I see an infographic and don’t instantly get the main point, then I keep browsing (after I’m done vomiting of course). Here’s a thought…don’t put everything into one infographic! Break them up into small chunks (no pun intended). It will give you more content you can share and make your infographics easier to swallow (and keep down).



2)     The “Too Long” Infographic!

This is another type that makes me sick to my stomach…the never-ending infographic. I hate scrolling down and down and down endlessly on an infographic that just can’t seem to wrap up whatever it’s trying to communicate. This one also has way too much data; but, instead of crunching it all into a compact space, they stretch it out until it’s so long you just don’t care about it anymore. This is another one that could be improved by breaking up the data…or not showing as much data! And if you’re guilty of creating an endless infographic, face it…you’re not Kerouac [3]! Just get to the point!



3)     The “Boring/Unnecessary Data” Infographic!

Not all data is deserving of being immortalized in an infographic. But unfortunately people will make an infographic for just about anything…even POOP [5]! Come on people! I don’t want to see a visualization of bowel movement data! Talk about a nauseating read.

But it’s not just the inappropriate that ends up in an infographic. You often see data points you just don’t care about. But someone always spends hours and dollars making it happen, and now it’s on the internet for everyone to see and puke over. My suggestion for the boring/unnecessary data infographics: just don’t do it. Do a little keyword research to see if there’s even any interest in the data you’re forcing down people’s throat. It may actually lead to the creation of an interesting infographic.



So these are three reasons why I toss my cookies when I even hear the word “infographic.” There are just too many of them that fall into the three categories above. So if you’re thinking about creating an infographic, please take my vomiting to heart and keep them short, to the point and based on interesting data.

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