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The Week We Searched For- March 23, 2012

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The Week We Searched For- March 19-23, 2012

Google unveils its new Display Network Tab in AdWords- Google announced a new suite of services for display marketing, which will better enable advertisers to bid, target, and optimize their display campaigns.  Located under a new Display Network Tab in AdWords, the goal is to help marketers understand how integrating multiple targeting types, e.g., keywords, topics, redirect, interests, can impact the reach of a display campaign.  In doing so, it encourages advertisers to approach display and search more holistically.

“It’s enabling advertisers who previously had to set up campaigns for search and display differently to take all the keywords they’ve learned perform well on the search side – and have spent hours optimizing – to lift up that set of keywords and use that to start your display campaign as well,” explains Brad Bender, Director of Product Management for Display at Google.

New status icons in AdWords– Google introduced a new status icon in AdWords that provides insight into “the approval status and potential policy limitations for each individual ad creative.”

STUDY: Twitter and Facebook aren’t actually big news services- A recent report, The State of The News Media 2012, from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism reveals that Americans don’t actually turn to Facebook or Twitter for news stories.  Only 9 percent of adults surveyed reported regularly following news on Twitter and Facebook.  The report does highlight the role social media outlets play in disseminating content via sharing.

Facebook introduces new features to the “Acquaintance List”- Have a couple of old high school friends who constantly plaster your Facebook Newsfeed with senseless ramblings?  Well, you no longer have to weed through the bulk.  Facebook has introduced a new friend management feature to its Acquaintance List setting that allows you to more easily add “friends” to the Acquaintance List, so that their posts appear less often on your Newsfeed.  Your friends won’t be informed when you add them to the Acquaintance List.

What we’re reading- 

The Reality of Semantic Search- The Wall Street Journal’s article on the future of Google search and the “emergence” of semantic search last week sparked a bit of industry controversy, particularly with Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land.

Brandon Schakola responds to both WSJ and Sullivan’s pieces, explaining the history of the semantic web and its implications for marketers.

Social Media Marketing- How to Avoid the Hype- Before your company dives head first into social media, make sure to read David Waterman’s article on the importance of marketing fundamentals.

14 Tips for How to Use Pinterest for Business- A good round up of tips for leveraging Pinterest in your online marketing strategy.  Check out the first tip, written by The Search Agency’s Heather Sundell

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