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Facebook’s New Premium Ads and Brand Pages – The Search Agency POV

Facebook recently introduced a new suite of Premium Ad features at its first ever Facebook Marketing Conference [1], aimed at better incorporating advertisements into the Facebook user experience.  Facebook has been cautious not to wallpaper its platform with ads.  Instead, it has given time to creating an advertising ecosystem that actually contributes to the user experiences and drives user engagement by integrating both paid and earned media.

New features announced at the conference include:

Focused on improving its user experience and promoting relevant social content, Facebook’s new features represent an excitingly different approach to social media marketing.  For online marketers, these changes make socially relevant content and active user engagement an essential element of every social media marketing strategy.

To learn more about how Facebook’s new Premium Ad features will impact your social media marketing strategy download The Search Agency’s new POV on Facebook’s New Premium Ads and Brand Pages [2].  In the document we detail the new features and discuss best practices for creating engaging content, optimizing your new Timeline brand profile, and getting started with mobile and desktop Premium Ad units.