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Solomon’s Super Bowl Scorecard

Mike Solomon has been building a lot of hype around The Search Agency’s LA office about the Super Bowl. For weeks he’s been preaching about plays on the field and online. As mentioned last Friday [1], Mike has been gearing up for his long-awaited commercial study. Last year [2], Mike exhausted his eyeballs by splitting their time between the big screen and the second screen, his iPhone. He was on a quest to put brands to the test as far as their digital ad buy, compared to their big screen counterparts. This year, he once again put his vision on the gauntlet, checking up on digital spend via his tablet.

What is comes down to, according to Solomon, is that advertisers focus so much spend on flashy television ads, but don’t take advantage of their infant second screen complements. Brands that fail to concentrate a fraction of spend towards a solid supporting digital campaign can cost themselves the game, and possibly even longstanding fans. With the advent of the Internet, and consequently its fingertip access, audiences are more informed, and more fickle than ever before. Not having an integrated marketing campaign, on and offline, that succinctly through carries from the big screen to your demographics’ hands is a wasted investment. Your audience has a lot of teams to choose from, so make sure they’re rooting for you.

Well, now that the confetti has fallen and the Giants have had their parade, Mike has shared his roundup of what brands won and lost in the digital ad buy campaign of 2012. Surprisingly, this year the automotive companies killed it.

A sneak peak at some of the winners!

Check out his complete scorecard, featured on Adotas, Covering The Digital Buy: Super Bowl Winners and Losers [3].

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