What does the success of targeted social mean for paid search?

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I just got back from Media Post’s Search Insider Summit in Park City, Utah where 110 leaders in the search space congregated for some drinks, skiing and in-depth search discussion. Moderating a roundtable on the impact that social is having on search, I wanted to share three takeaways from a very lively and interesting discussion:

1.       Social is difficult to classify. Here are the responses when asked the “best answer” for each of the participants:

  • Survey Responses:
    •  31% – To me, social is about being there, being a part of the discussion
    • 38% – To me, social is a media exercise, but a top of the funnel media exercise
    •  31% – To me, social’s best value is increasing engagement of direct response channels
    • 0% – To me, social is a direct response channel

2.       Active moderation is the key to growing sustainable Social:

  •   You want to gain new fans only as fast as your moderation supports them
  •   Anecdotal stat: 95% of fan posts go answered in Facebook – a big opportunity
  •   Building a compelling Facebook app along with the request for permission it entails allows a community manager to get more detailed data on fans and engage in customer reactivation activities
  •   Breaking out statistics around “new customers” and “lifetime value” are the key to successfully valuing social

3.       Areas of thinking:

  • Social is often split between organizational departments – paid DR, brand, community/communications.  Cross-communication is key but how is it best facilitated in divergent orgs?
  • Paid ads perform better when pushing to internal Facebook pages, but they then exist for fan acquisition – how can activation exercises like sweepstakes and coupons move fans into CRM activity?
  • Bob Evans is using social to build around focused keywords like “farmhouse feast” that have low CPCs in search – how can brands use search to build keyword ownership in low cost keywords and measure together with social?
  • Advertisers have used focused Facebook pages like “Black Friday Sales” to build fan base and increase likes around specific concepts for later value – how can brands leverage this idea?
  • Trueview ads on YouTube and pushing to a YouTube brand channel set up for remarketing can show a funnel with buying efficiencies right now (30 second views at $.21 in one example + remarketing data) – are more advertisers going to push into video?
  • ZMOT introduces a way of thinking consistent with the panel note of “social as a research buy.” How can marketers best allocate budget for the important but difficult-to-measure research stage of the funnel?
How do you think targeted social efforts can affect paid search?

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