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Interview with Amy Oliver

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TSA: How did you find your way to search marketing?

Amy: I was managing the San Diego on-premise market for a wine and liquor distributor and witnessed the direct impact online marketing campaigns had on my sales and decided to make the switch to working in search marketing.

TSA: Could you tell us a little about your role/responsibilities as the Consumer Experience and Feed Services Manager at The Search Agency?

Amy: As Manager, Consumer Experience I work with the CE team to perform brand audit and conversion flow analysis for eCommerce, lead-gen, mobile and content clients. I plan and develop strategies and test plans for A/B and multivariate tests of landing pages and purchase funnel for organic, display and PPC traffic with the goal of improving conversion flow, user experience, quality score and increasing conversion rates and site wide performance. As Manager, Feed Services I oversee the management of all comparison shopping engines (CSE) campaigns such as Google Product Search.

TSA: You recently authored a white paper “Five Trends that Should Change Your Online Marketing Plans This Holiday Season.” What key developments should marketers keep in mind heading into the holiday season and the year to come?

Amy: Deals! Shoppers are looking for more deals and discounts than they did last year. Daily Deals such as Groupon and coupons are hot: 16% of consumers plan on using Private Sale/Group Buying Sites for Holiday Shopping and 27% plan on using couponing sites.

Search interest in ‘black Friday coupons’ is up 46% year over year and search interest in ‘buy one get one free’ is up 30% year over year. Search interest for both ‘printable coupons’ and ‘black Friday coupons’ has jumped over 900% from Halloween.

Multi-Screen Presence! This holiday season more than ever shoppers are using multiple screens – computers, Smartphones and tablets – as their personal shopping assistants. This gives consumers more access to research products and pricing while in-store and 24/7 access to your online store.

According to a new study from Google, 55% of participants said they will use their Smartphone’s location features on some or most shopping trips, while 47% will use a Smartphone to compare prices and 42% will use their phone to search for the nearest store.  47% of shoppers said they use their tablets to search for coupons or rebates and 44% use them to make purchases.

As mobile and tablet become increasingly important, it is essential to create a seamless and optimized experience for shoppers across all screens as well as in-store.

TSA: Moving away from online marketing, what are some of your hobbies/interests outside of work?

Amy: I love to be active and teach classical Pilates at Equinox and Roxbury Senior Center.


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