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Which PubCon SEO Conference Sessions Should I Attend?

When I was told I’d be going to PubCon [1] this year, I was really excited. Not because I’d get to spend a week in Sin City, but because PubCon offers more training sessions than any other online marketing conference in the country. With so many options the problem is deciding which SEO conference sessions to attend at PubCon. With up to eight sessions running at any given time, you have to come up with a game plan if you want to get the most out of the conference.

Since there were two of us attending, I set up a meeting with David Carrillo at TSA L.A. the week before to discuss which sessions to attend to maximize our coverage. We generally agreed that he would attend mostly social media sessions while I would attend SEO sessions. From there my decision-making process was further boiled down by several criteria:

Overall, there was a lot of insightful information to be gained from PubCon both at the training sessions and through professional networking [2]. Go in with an open mind and use this opportunity to expand your knowledge because PubCon is a great investment in your professional education.

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