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Google TV Ads: Making Television Commercials Measurable and Affordable

With the average American spending five hours a day in front of the television, TV remains the #1 time spent media in America and the most pervasive and powerful means of influencing consumers both on- and offline.  Unfortunately, expensive airtime and costly production rates have long put TV advertising out of reach for smaller marketers.  Thanks to Google TV Ads, that’s all changing.  By recreating its online auction-based system for television, Google is bringing the accountability and transparency it has provided in online advertising to TV.

Google TV Ads enables you to manage TV commercial buys with the same data-driven approach we use in managing AdWords campaigns.  Google’s system is easy to use: Advertisers create an ad, upload it to Google AdWords, set a specific budget, select target audiences—based on a variety of demographic specifications—and then Google broadcasts ad nationally.  Google currently boasts partnerships with 18 cable providers and 68 networks, extending TV Ads’ reach to up to 37 million satellite households, (33 percent of all TV viewing households), across the country.

Thanks to Google TV Ads, television advertising is becoming for the first time a viable, effective option for marketers that haven’t invested heavily in offline media.  To learn more about how Google TV Ads could help augment your current online marketing investments, and our best practices for optimizing these campaigns, download The Search Agency’s new white paper, “Making Television Commercials Measurable and Affordable for the Performance-Driven Marketer.” [1]  Have a look and let us know what you think.

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