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The Week We Searched For- October 21, 2011

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MC Hammer announces “deep search” search engine- MC Hammer, the rapper and business entrepreneur, introduced a new pre-beta search engine he has been working on, called WireDoo, at the Web Summit 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. The search engine focuses on “deep search,” seeking to improve on traditional keyword-driven search results by adding relationship information to results. For example, a keyword search for car will include car insurance plans, pricing, consumer safety ratings and local dealership listings.

Google introduces new data visualization tools- Google announced several new analytics tools at Web 2.0, aimed at tracking performance with Google Analytics even simpler. One tool Susan Wojcicki, Google’s VP of Advertising, highlighted is called “Flow Visualization,” which is designed to help marketers track how users navigated their web site.  The new visual tool acts an interactive map for where users went on your site, how long they stayed there and from where they left. When the service is released in a few weeks, marketers will have real time access into how many users are on their site and what they are doing.

As Wojcicki explained,  “Google analytics flow is going to offer a lot more ability to understand your site much better, and dive into specific sections. You can add custom variables, can change and sort views and see customers moving across the site.” To learn more, check out Phil Mui’s, Google Analytics team, post on the Google Analytics blog.

Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines leaked- Google Quality Rating Guidelines handbook has been reportedly leaked onto the web this week. The last Google Quality Raters Handbook was leaked back in April 2007. In theory, you should be able to download a PDF version of the handbook from Pot Pie Girl’s blog post. Since I haven’t been able to do so, because of a Bandwidth Limit Exceeded message on Pot Pie Girl’s blog, I am going to refer to Barry Schwartz’s interpretation of the document: “Most of the document goes through how these Google quality raters should use the quality scoring system. But it also spends a tremendous amount of time explaining how to classify pages and images and documents. This information can be very useful for SEOs in understanding what Google thinks quality versus non quality pages are, spam vs non spam and so on.”

Google amps up user security- Google is beefing up search user security with SSL coverage for users logged into their Google accounts or for anyone who goes directly to Google’s encrypted search engine. SSL secures your information during its travels between points on the web, by encrypting your data, rendering it indecipherable to anyone who may intercept it on the web. The new settings will be rolled out over the next few weeks. You’ll be able to tell if your Google is secure by the “S” after the http. For more information, check out Google’s SSL help page here.

Private equity firm to bid on Yahoo!- The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the private-equity firm Silver Lake Partners is in the process of putting together a proposal to buy Yahoo!. Under the rumored proposal, Microsoft would put up the majority of the money for Yahoo!, which Microsoft tried to purchase back in 2008. Silver Lake and the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board, an investor in Silver Lake, and bank funds would make up for the difference. Yahoo! is estimated to be valued at $20 billion, however that market value is tied up in Yahoo’s shares in Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., the Chinese Internet company. Yahoo! owns a 40% stake in the company.

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