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Google Update: Google Panda 2.5

Google has confirmed that the latest iteration of its Panda Update, Panda 2.5, is live. It’s unknown when the update was made, although speculation [1] is mid-last week. Other than confirming that the update is live, Google has been close-lipped about what type of content or sites this update will impact. Thus far they have only provided the following statement:

We’re continuing to iterate on our Panda algorithm as part of our commitment to returning high-quality sites to Google users. This most recent update is one of the roughly 500 changes we make to our ranking algorithms each year.

SearchMetrics [2] has released its list of this update’s biggest winners and losers, which is compiled based on testing visibility for a wide-range of keywords. It should be noted that these rankings do not necessarily reflect traffic changes experienced by the sites, although SearchMetrics’ Panda winner/losers lists have been fairly accurate thus far.

Here are the biggest losers:


Here are the biggest winners:


Of course, as with all of Google Panda Updates, it’s unclear what degree of reaction is appropriate. Particularly here because we don’t know what types of sites or content Google targeted with this update and how many sites were actually affected.

For more information on the history of Google’s Panda Updates, check out our blog post SEO After Panda [15], and for a more comprehensive look at how the Panda Update has impact how marketers can demonstrate relevance and authority in online content, download our white paper After the Panda Update: How Google Rewards Original, Relevant Online Content [16].

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