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The Week We Searched For- September 9, 2011

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Google to acquire Zagat- Google has announced its plans to purchase Zagat survey for a rumored $66 million. The deal represents a massive local move for Google that will further push Google into the content industry. Zagat has struggled to compete with the likes of Yelp and transition its user-generated reviews from print to online.

Yahoo! CEO Carol A. Bartz fired- On Tuesday Yahoo’s board fired its CEO Carol A. Bartz, after only 32 months in the position. The exact reasons for her termination are unclear. Bartz has not left quietly, announcing in an e-mail to all employees that she was fired over the phone, and publicly criticizing Yahoo’s board for its decision. For more on Yahoo! and Bartz’s brief tenure at the helm, check out Claire Cain Miller’s article in the NYTimes that details how Yahoo! has failed to ‘keep up’ over the last few years in the time of social networks and mobile marketing.

Jon Tirsen and Douwe Osinga unveil Triposo- Two ex-Googlers revealed their new mobile travel guide Triposo yesterday. Tirsen and Osinga are taking a new—or really old—approach to finding relevant travel information on a mobile device . Rather than complying an entirely new database of reviews, attractions, hotels, etc., Triposo aggregates that information from services like Tripadvisor, Wikitravel, Gogobot and Lonely Planet. Basically, it approaches travel information in the same way Google approaches general information.

Judge: fired for complaining on Facebook? You’re rehired!- The National Labor Relations Broad has ruled in favor of five former employees of the Buffalo based non-profit Hispanics United, who were discharged from the organization after posting negative comments about working conditions on Facebook. The judge ordered that the employees be rehired and compensated for lost wages. This is being called the first ruling of its kind.

Facebook signs Germany Privacy Code- Facebook signed a voluntary code of conduct in Berlin on Friday, aimed at better protecting users’ privacy. The code is the result of a meeting between German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich and Facebook’s European Director of Policy, Richard Allan, both of whom were pleased with the self-regulation initiative. As Richard Allan explained, “We are supportive of the initiative for self-regulation. It can be a very effective way to control the interests of the users online.”

Google retires several well-known Google Labs products- At the end of last week, Google announced the shutting down of several Google Labs products, including Fast Flip, Sidewiki, Aardvark, Desktop and Subscribed Links. The products will be merged into other existing Google products as features.

Twitter renews deal with Bing; where’s Google?- Twitter and Bing have extended their contract that allows Bing to incorporate Twitter’s information into its search results. No similar deal with Google has been announced.

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