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The Week We Searched For- September 30, 2011

Posted By Camille Canon On September 30, 2011 @ 2:37 pm In Featured,News | 1 Comment

Google Analytics Premium- Google launched a paid version of its Google Analytics platform on Thursday that boasts more data, advanced tools, dedicated support and guarantees. [1] According to Google, here’s what the new premium version offers:

  • Extra processing power- increased data collection, more custom variables and downloadable, unsampled reports
  • Advanced analysis- attribution modeling tools that allow you to test different models for assigning credit to conversions
  • Service and support- experts to guide customized installation, and dedicated account management on call – all backed by 24/7 support
  • Guarantees- service level agreements for data collection, processing and reporting

The service is rumored [2] to cost $150,000 annually.

Real-Time Google Analytics- Google announced [3] the beta launch of Google Analytics Real-Time on Thursday, a new set of reports that will enable users to see what’s happening on their site in real time. With the new reports users will be able to better measure social media impact and track campaign measurement in Google Analytics. Real-Time reports will soon become widely available in the new version of Google Analytics in the Dashboards tab.

YouTube launches Google AdWords for video- YouTube launched [4] a beta version of Google AdWords for video on Wednesday. The new platform is built on top of Google’s AdWords auction technology and will allow users to place and manage ads on YouTube and the Google Display Network. Be sure to check out Laurie Sullivan’s article on MediaPost for a more detailed description of YouTube’s new ad auction platform [5].

Google Standout- At the Online News Association conference in Boston last Friday, Google News introduced [6] a new content tag that will better enable its algorithms to identify and rank “standout” content. Web editors will be able to add a piece of code to a story’s header with a rel=”standout” relationship tag to pieces Google calls, “critical types of coverage: exceptional original reporting, deep investigative work, scoops and exclusives, and various special projects that quite clearly stand out.” Google may then display that article with a ‘Featured’ label on the Google News homepage or News Search results. Publishers are encouraged to limit the use of the Standout tag on their own content to seven times in each calendar week. For more information on Google’s Standout Tag, check out Tim Carmondy’s article on Wired.com. [7]

Facebook’s new features spark further privacy concerns- Facebook’s latest set of new features, including Timeline and Ticker, have sparked concerns from the online privacy activist group the Electronic Privacy Information Center [8]. The organization has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the new services as well as Facebook’s tracking of users after they have logged off the social networking site. According to a letter [9] filed by the Electronic Privacy Information Center with the FTC on Thursday, “Facebook’s frictionless sharing and post-log-out tracking harms consumers throughout the United States by invading their privacy and allowing for disclosure and use of information in ways and for purposes other than those to which users have consent and relied upon.”

The EPIC’s complaint comes after federal lawmakers raised concerns with the FTC on Wednesday regarding Facebook’s tracking of users without their permission. Reps. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Joe Barton (R-Tex.) co-authored a letter to FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz [10] Wednesday stating, “When users log out of Facebook, they are under the expectation that Facebook is no longer monitoring their activities. We believe this impression should be the reality.”

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