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Retail Faux Pas – The Out-of-Stock, Internet-only Specials Fail!

I love shopping online!

I watch for specials of things I need and quickly scoop up the necessities; money, budget and floor space permitting.

In the course of this bargain hunting, I’m always looking for “the better cart” or the “better shopping experience,” allowing me to highlight the best, as well as the ‘not so best’ ecommerce experiences.

One of my pet peeves is the displaying of out-of-stock items with tantalizing pricing.

Buy this brand new Mercedes for only 10 bucks – if it actually was ever in stock I probably would!

Although I’ve never actually seen a Mercedes offered for a 10 spot, just so people don’t think I’m making this stuff up (as if!), here’s an example I saw today from my favorite home store Home Depot [1].

My discovery…

What’s this? An overstocked special! Only $13.25 for this magnificent 15″ Camelia Pot Planter!!

OMG I have to have a few for my budding Camellia [2] collection!

ONLY $13.25 REDUCED FROM $52.98 – O-M-G!

Read on a little and surprise, surprise, this little gem of a bargain is Out of Stock online, but wait… it’s an Online Only deal with a lovely green check mark.

Camellia pot pricingDoes that mean it’s available online and I should ignore the Out of Stock exclamation?

What are my Camellias to do? What am I, the potential customer to do?


Find another perfect pot at a perfect price, I guess. The green checkmark is just a tease to excite my inner shopper, only to disappoint the same with a grey exclamation of unavailability.

It’s hard to believe it’s that difficult to configure a cart so that it DOESN’T SHOW OUT-OF-STOCK ITEMS in search results or category pages.

There’s probably a checkbox just waiting to be checked on a platform with a million checkboxes to configure. So please check away!

Finally… Mr. Home Depot… you DO KNOW Camellia has two Ls, correct?