Twitter, My Sweet Simple Love

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So for my first foray into blogging for The Search Agency I’ve decided to look at Twitter. I was a fairly early adopter of Twitter (an account number less than 810,000, don’t you know?), and it has stayed my constant, short-but-sweet companion since. Unlike the flashy Facebook, or the newcomer Google+, Twitter has been there for me. Never did it deviate from its simple “Here’s 140 characters, do what you like with them and see what others have done with them” promise. There were some updates I feel it could have done without, but, overall, I was happy.

Now, long after the furore over Facebook becoming more like Twitter (real time updates, asking “What’s on your mind?”), it seems that Twitter is becoming more like Facebook. I get an @username tab where I can see “… which of [my] Tweets are Favorites, plus the latest Retweets (of [my] Tweets, Tweets directed to [me], and [my] new Followers.” Oh dear Twitter, this is starting to look a lot like my newly updated Facebook wall (and I didn’t like that either!)

But what’s this? Another new feature? Why Twitter, you’re like London buses; I wait ages for one, then two come at once! I will now have an Activity tab. It was at this point that my heart fell. My Activity tab will be identical to my Facebook news feed. One of many reasons I prefer Twitter to Facebook is that I do not care who else my friends are interacting with (except that ex from last year!), nor do I want people to see who is interacting with me. Unfortunately, this announcement seems to suggest that this is what the Activity tab will do.

Search Engine Land thinks that this will encourage users who have been put off by Twitter as  “simply too confusing,” but I think this makes it less simple than it already is!

I won’t have to see these updates unless I click on the tabs and my personal account is private.  So, for now Twitter, my heart still belongs to you. But I’m watching.



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2 Responses to “Twitter, My Sweet Simple Love”

  1. Barbara says:

    Very cute! Hopefully the first of many posts. Welcome to The Search Agents.

  2. DrDeadline says:

    I’m seeing “Timeline” “@Mentions” “Retweets” “Searches” “Lists” — is the @username tab on limited test?

    Oh, and welcome!


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