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The Week We Searched For- August 26, 2011

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Google introduces Multi-Channel Funnels- Google introduced five new reports to its Google Analytics platform, called Multi-Channel Funnels. The reports provide new insight into conversion attribution. As Google Analytics Product Manager Bill Kee explains, “When a customer buys or converts on your site, most conversion tracking tools credit the most recent link or ad clicked. In reality though, customers research, compare, and make purchase decisions via multiple touch points across multiple channels.”  The new set of reports will enable marketers to examine consumer interactions across a range of media channels, e.g., organic search, display ads, paid, social networks and affiliates.

Yahoo!, Google, Amazon and others bid on Hulu- Reuters reported today that Yahoo!, Google, Amazon and Dish have all put their bids in on the video streaming site Hulu, which is currently up for sale by Comcast, News Corp., Walt Disney Co. and Providence Equity.

Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO- On Wednesday, Apple announced that its co-founder and leading product visionary Steve Jobs would resign from his role as Apple’s CEO. In a letter sent to the Apple community, Jobs wrote, “I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s C.E.O., I would be the first to let you know,” Mr. Jobs wrote. “Unfortunately, that day has come.” Jobs has battled pancreatic cancer for years and underwent a liver transplant in 2004. Apple’s COO Tim Cook is set to succeed Jobs. Jobs will remain chairman of the board.

Google hacking exposes caches of Yale SSN- Cybercriminals, leveraging Google’s advanced search function Google FTP search this week, stumbled upon the names and Social Security number of 43,000 faculty, staff, students and alumni of Yale University. Google FTP function, which launched last September, has given hackers further access to personal information. “With the addition of indexing data that is accessible via FTP, hackers can now identify wide-open FTP sites that may contain sensitive data or can be used to leapfrog to other machines on the company’s internal network,” explains Tom Rabaut, an analyst at Red Seal (security firm) . Also, Google offers the ability to restrict searches to a single domain which will make it easier for hackers to limit their data mining to only target companies.

Google shuts down Slide, Max Levchin departs- Google is set to shut down Slide, the social media app and game maker it purchased last year for $182 million. Slide’s 125 employee will remain at Google, but Slide’s founder and and Chief Executive Max Levchin will leave the company. According to a statement issued by Google, “Max has decided to leave Slide and Google to pursue other opportunities, and we wish him the best. Most of the team from Slide will remain at Google to work on other opportunities.

Facebook “Like” banned in German state- The German state of Schleswig-Holstein has deemed Facebook’s “Like” button a violation of German and European data privacy laws. The state has ordered all government offices to remove the button and Facebook “fan” pages from their Web presence. Those who do not comply will face a €50,000 fine.

Google +1 button upgrade- It was an exciting week for Google+ with several new updates, but the most exciting is definitely the latest update to the Google +1 button, which integrates +1 activities from across the internet into Google’s social network, making content sharing more unique. “Clicking the +1 button is a great way to highlight content for others when they search on Google,” explains Vic Fundotra, a senior vice president of engineering for Google. “But sometimes you want to start a conversation right away – at least with certain groups of friends. So beginning today, we’re making it easy for Google+ users to share webpages with their circles, directly from the +1 button. Just +1 a page as usual and look for the new “Share on Google+” option. From there you can comment, choose a circle and share.”

  • For more on Google +1 sharing, check out Ryan Singel’s article “Google +1 Button Lets You Share, Finally” on Wired.com.

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