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The Week We Searched For- August 12, 2011

Google launches Panda Update in additional languages- Google announced today that they have now launched their Panda Update internationally [1] in all languages except Chinese, Japanese and Korean. According to Google, we can expect the launch to impact 6-9% of queries. In a post on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, [1] Amit Singhal explains, “For many months, we’ve been focused on trying to return high-quality sites to users. Earlier this year, we rolled out our “Panda” change for searches in English around the world. Today we’re continuing that effort by rolling out our algorithmic search improvements in different languages. Our scientific evaluation data show that this change improves our search quality across the board, and the response to Panda from users has been very positive.”

Could Apple’s patent filing enable you to change your plan and carrier from your phone?- According to a post on AppleInsider [2], it looks like a recent patent filing [3] from Apple could enable customers to change their plans and carriers directly from their phones. The patent, “Method and Apparatus for Using a Wireless Communication Device with Multiple Service Providers,” [3] describes how different carrier configuration profiles could be stored locally on a mobile device, enabling users to switch between them as they like. The benefit is that users could switch to the carrier or plan that best meet their mobile needs. As Neil Hughes from AppleInsider [2] explains, “Apple could help users find the carrier that is best for them by ranking the features and prices of service providers based on personal preferences. For example, some users may be interested primarily in voice plans, while others may need features like unlimited text messaging. Based on a user’s needs, Apple’s system could assign a priority ranking to carriers and their respective configuration profiles, allowing users to easily find a plan and provider that are right for them.”

comScore releases July 2011 Search Share Report- comScore released its 2011 search marketplace report [4] this week. Google continued to lead the U.S. core search market with a 65.1% market share, followed by Yahoo!



Google pops up in Burlington, Vermont- Google visited the Vermont Get Your Business Online [6] event in Burlington, VT this week to discuss the importance of getting local businesses on the web. According to Google’s presentation [6] at the event, roughly 63% of US businesses aren’t online —many of those small, local businesses—despite the fact that 97% of Americans search for local products and services via the internet. According to Anne Galloway on VTDigger.org [6], Google held sessions at the event to educate local businesses on its suite marketing services. Galloway describes Google’s sessions stating, “About 40 eager Internet enthusiasts from Intuit and other local companies were available for hand-holding sessions that took the newbies from domain name to content management in a matter of minutes. In a theater, one group was getting a lesson in AdWords, and in a third room, business people sat around white café tables with Google green, yellow, blue and red chairs, to learn about all things Google – Google places, Google search engine optimization, Google Analytics, Google Apps and Google AdWords (again). By the time business owners left (several hours later) they had a virtual online identity. About 600 Vermonters signed up for the gratis package, which includes the website, a domain name and web hosting for one year.” Google seems to be acting fast on promoting their AdWords Express [7] service to local advertisers. Google will be visiting Missouri and Kansas next.

Games on Google Plus- Google introduced the first games [8] to its social networking site Google Plus on Thursday, including such social media favorites as Angry Bird from Rovio, Bejeweled Blitz from PopCap Games and Zynga Poker. Games on Google Plus is good news for Zygna [9] notes Claire Cain Miller from the New York Times. According to Miller, “Zynga has built the vast majority of its business on Facebook, and that business is thriving — Zynga has filed to go public and says it earned $90 million in profit on sales of $597 million last year. But analysts have also criticized it for relying too much on one platform. That is about to change. Google+ has been growing remarkably quickly, and already rivals existing social networks. Though it does not have Zynga’s most well-known games, FarmVille and Mafia Wars, the two companies already have a partnership because Google has invested in Zynga.”

SEOmoz releases a timeline of Google’s algorithm history- SEOmoz published a fantastic timeline [10] this week that chronicles the biggest changes Google has made to its algorithm over the past eleven years.

Apple surpasses Exxon as the world’s most valuable public company- After this week’s stock market plunge, Apple has surpassed Exxon as the world’s most valuable traded company. MC Sigler from TechCrunch [11] notes that Exxon and Apple are currently separated by roughly $500 million, which is nothing in comparison to three weeks ago when the two were separated by $60 billion.


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