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SEO Articles Are Dangerous. (This post will self destruct)

I want a filter!

It’s a filter that stops anyone but SEO pros from seeing certain SEO articles online.

It puts a score from 1/10 on every SEO article to show the level of trust & possible truth behind *any* SEO “secret,” “theory,” “opinion,” or “definitive fact.”

It states in big, bold, red letters that “WE DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW 100%” and every article should have a warning from the SEO General:

“SEO Articles can seriously harm your website and ability to rank well.”

At The Search Agency, we know that for every opinion – however much they may be based on testing, best practices & experience – there are 20 other opinions that may or not hold some modicum of merit.

Blindly following the “SEO article du jour” as a primary SEO strategy leads to wasted time, energy, and may negatively impact a site’s ability to rank. So we don’t!

With the plethora of SEO article authors and articles themselves freely available on the web, and fame as easy to come by as a catchy “hook”, recognition as an “SEO Expert” circa 2011 is a lot easier than writing a book, or presenting at an industry conference. When *anyone* can find and read an article that states an opinion as definitive fact, the SEO Professional’s recommendations get a little bit more difficult to both justify and / or defend.

“What do you mean page rank sculpting doesn’t work? This article from 2007 states that you have to maintain all link juice within a page for SEO.”

“I need to repeat my keyword at least 40 times in my page copy. That’s what this SEO expert says!”

“DoctorLinkJuice.com recommends¬†I set up 20 Twitter accounts I can point them to my website to get more social links.”

Google’s algorithm is a moving target, so the better way to try and hit it isn’t to chase after and hope you catch it (i.e. reading every article and trying every tactic or strategy mentioned) – rather it’s better to plant your feet firmly in place, take aim and try a different arrow every now and then.

And how do you know which SEO articles and opinions to trust?

Here’s a great, industry-leading SEO resource [1] that offers terrific insights and sound research.



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