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Google+ Tips, Tricks and Tidbits – 8/12/2011

Posted By Erik Freeman On August 15, 2011 @ 5:29 am In Featured,News,Social Media | 4 Comments

It’s been another interesting week on Google+ but I must say that I’ve seen a downtick in use, at least by the folks I’m following. Sure, +Skoble [1] is going strong and +Tom Anderson [2] has a near constant outpouring of great shares but I think others are finding it tough to find their peeps. I’ve included some resources in this post to help with that.

Users seem to be getting better at not sharing the same post over and over and I for one have breathed a sigh of relief at that. Animated Gif shares have gone down in quantity and up in quality which is also good. All in all though it is still a far richer experience than I’ve ever had on Facebook and I look forward to watching it continue to grow and mature. So, without further ado, here are my tips, tricks and tidbits from the last little while on Google+.

+Mohamed Mansour [3] created a cool chrome extension that help G+ play nice with Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and others. Check out Extended Share for Google Plus [4].

‘Hangouts’ are one of Google+’s coolest features with mountains of potential uses. I’ve seen guitar lessons, cooking classes, coding expos and more. Did you know you can record your Hangouts so that you can share them later with others? Check out Mashable’s 5 Free Tools for Recording Google+ Hangouts [5].

As I mentioned above, +Tom Anderson of MySpace fame has been providing a ton of great content on Google+. This week he discusses whether or not Google+ has Facebook on the run [6]. It’s worth a read.

Recommededusers.com [7] is a great resource if you’re looking to find people to follow. They have people set in defined circles like ‘Women in Tech, Photographers, VCs & Angel Investors and more.

You can now +mention people in the lightbox photo viewer [8].  Thanks to +Vincent Mo [9] for the heads up!

We’re still waiting for business pages and there’s a lot of speculation brewing as to how we’ll use them. +Rana Shahbaz [10] instigated some collaboration to come up with 11 Google Plus Predictions [11].

The Sparks feature in Google+ hasn’t received much attention. I myself don’t use it very much so I was happy to see +Siegfried Hirsch [12] share how Sparks was really useful for getting information about the recent London riots [13].

Also from recommendedusers.com is a collection of the most inspiring photo albums [14] on Google+.

+Guy Kawasaki [15] turned me on to Google+ Cooking School [16]. Looks like a lot of fun and also shows why learning to record your Hangouts is a great idea.

Thanks to +Mike Elgan [17] for pointing out a great resource for finding Spanish speaking people on Google+ [18].

Games on Google+ [19]? Love or hate the idea they’re rolling out right now. I can bet there will be some angry birds about this.

Have you heard the Google+ Song [20]? You should watch this video. It’s really cute!

Ok, got to get back to work. If you found some other great stuff on Google+ this week please feel free to share them in the comments. Thanks!

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