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The Search Agency’s POV: Google Plus

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Barely a month old and Google’s social networking service Google Plus is already being praised as Google’s most significant new service since its launch of Google Instant [2] last fall. It reportedly acquired over 10 million users within the first days of its launch and has been praised for its innovative, integrated suite of user-focused services and intuitive interface.

What’s most significant about Google Plus, however, is the expectation that it will substantially boost Google’s ability to aggregate social activity and relevant search results on its SERP. Google has made several attempts over the last two years to integrate relevant search results and social activities in their search indexing algorithm, but it has struggled to combine the two through services like real time search, social search, Buzz, Wave and others. The reality is that these services never produced or had access to the social data necessary to meaningfully impact results.  Google+ provides an opportunity for Google to develop its own enthusiastic user base, from which social data can be gathered and leveraged to improve the quality and relevance of Google search results. This is what makes Google+ so potentially important.

Google’s improved ability to incorporate social content into both its paid and organic search results could significantly change our approach to search marketing. Moreover, the Google+ Project adds many more ways in which we can search for information beyond the traditional search box. As Google enables more users to find more relevant and personalized content in more ways, it will become increasingly important for marketers to develop new strategies for optimizing content across all types of channels.

In our new POV on Google+, we detail the many features on Google+, explore the ways Google+ could impact search user behavior, and consider how Google+ may impact SEO and social media. Lastly, we provide a few best practices for marketers to implement before Google launches brand and business pages. To learn more, download [3] our POV on Google+ and leave a comment with your initial impressions of Google’s latest venture into social media.

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