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Microsoft adCenter Product Changes

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Microsoft is rolling out a series of improvements to its adCenter SEM platform over the next six months.  Marketers can expect to see several new options in their adCenter accounts, but there are three services in particular that will significantly improve adCenter’s offering: Impression Share Reporting, Handling of Match Types, and Negative Keyword Management.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come:

Impression Share Reporting- Three new columns will become available in adCenter: Impression Share, Impression Share Lost to Budget, and Impression Share Lost to Rank. Similar to Google, these columns will be based on adCenter’s delivery of impressions through their auction. With these columns, you will be able to figure out your share of voice on the keywords in your account. In addition, you will be able to identify if your impressions are being limited by your low bidding or if your campaign budgets are restricting traffic.

What does this mean for marketers?

  • Marketers will have actionable data to try to scale campaigns where they are being limited.
  • For those advertisers with issues scaling adCenter campaigns, they can first run these reports to identify if there are easy changes that can be made to budgeting or bidding before looking to keyword expansion.

Handling of Match Types- adCenter match types have always been inflexible and challenging to work with.  These future enhancements will allow for more flexibility in what you can do with match types.

Marketers will be able to do the following with match types:

  • Pause/un-pause
  • Separate URLs by match type
  • Separate bids for each match type

There are several ways you will be able to structure your accounts with discreet match types, and most importantly you will be able to bid by match type.

How will marketers benefit from this?

  • Implementation of match type features will vary by advertiser objectives.  The new features should allow more flexibility to handle more creative account organization and landing page testing.

Negative Keyword Management- Negative keywords give you the ability to sculpt your SEM campaigns so you are not mapped to inefficient traffic.  This feature currently exists in adCenter, but there are some improvements coming.

Currently, if you have campaign-level negatives and you add a negative to one of the ad groups, then that ad group will no longer use its parent campaign level negatives.  Basically, negatives work independently at the different account levels. Bing’s new feature will soon give you the ability to add negative keywords to different levels of your account that will work together.  In the same scenario, instead of having negatives work independently on different account levels, the campaign negatives will work within the ad group in a cumulative fashion. In addition, adCenter will allow you to have exact negative keywords. Rather than using a broad negative for a specific query that you might be mapped to, you will soon be able to use an exact negative to filter out the precise queries you do not want to show up against.

What does this mean for account organization?

  • Marketers can now sculpt campaigns with account, campaign, and ad group negatives and have them work all together.  You will no longer have to spend time taking campaign negatives down to a lower level just to add one negative to an ad group.
  • Transitioning Google AdWords campaigns to Bing will become one step more efficient for channel expansion.

How should marketers implement this service?

  • Marketers will be able to use negatives exactly as they do in Google.
  • Set account level negatives for the specific keywords that you do not want associated with your business that may be broad matched to your account.
  • You will then be able to use campaign and ad group negatives to sculpt your account, while still having negatives all work together.  With this, you will be able to free up negatives and lower levels. Just make sure to keep account level negatives  to ensure you will have future bandwidth for future negative expansion at the campaign and ad group levels.

Stay tuned for more information on Microsoft’s implementation schedule.  In the meantime, what new features are you most excited about?  And what other improvements would you like to see made to adCenter?


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