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Google Targets Small Businesses with AdWords Express

In an effort to tap into the local small business advertising market, Google has launched [1] an easier, more time efficient way for local advertisers to buy search ads. AdWords Express is a scaled-down version of Google's search advertising platform. As Kiley McEvoy, Product Manager, AdWords Express, explains on The Official Google Blog: Today, we're officially introducing AdWords Express [2], a faster and simpler way to start advertising online in under five minutes. We first launched this product as Google Boost last October [3] for a small number of local businesses. Since then, we’ve continued to improve the product and enabled all U.S. businesses new to online advertising to reach customers with ease. AdWords Express is designed to help local businesses that aren't already AdWords advertisers create effective campaigns… Here's a preview of the interface: [4] AdWords Express seeks to streamline the process of creating search-marketing campaigns and purchasing search ads, making it possible for smaller, local businesses to get involved in search. To do so, AdWords Express automates several campaign settings, e.g. automated keyword recommendations and bid amount suggestions, relieving small advertisers of a lot of the heavy lifting.  All business owners need to do is enter a category, write a headline and description, set a budget and tell AdWords Express where to direct the customers who click on their ads, such as a company website or a Google Places page. As with all Google’s ad services, advertisers only pay when a customer clicks on an ad.