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The Ultimate Google +1 Speed Test

What is the fastest Google +1 version?

Who are the fastest Social button aggregators – addthis, sharethis, addtoany, etc.?

We all know the Google +1 can add up to 3 seconds of load time per page, if you have millions of pages, as some of our clients do, this can add a tremendous amount of load time to their sites.

I decided to delve into this a little deeper on my own and run a general test on many versions of the new Plus one buttons as well as several aggregators (addthis, sharethis, addtoany, etc.) to see which one was the fastest.

After a grueling test of how to speed up the new Google +1 (see how the test was done below) – I came up with several great results:


Google +1 plusone – Chrome vs Firefox


Google plusone +1 tall vs plusone standard


Addthis vs. Share This Load Time



Addthis vs. Addtoany

How the test was done:

First I created several almost-identical html pages with identical content (5 paragraphs of gibberish – AKA Lorem Ipsum).

Then, I used a nifty site: whichloadsfaster.com which allows you to compare page load times side by side. This site also allows you to repeat the load times over 100 times & average out the fastest load time of each.

Plusone tests:

http://worldclassmedia.com/plusone-regular.html [7]
http://worldclassmedia.com/plusone-render.html [1]
http://worldclassmedia.com/plusone-small.html [8]
http://worldclassmedia.com/plusone-tall.html [9]
http://worldclassmedia.com/plusone-header.html [9]
http://worldclassmedia.com/plusone-bodytop.html [10]

Social Aggregators:

http://worldclassmedia.com/plusone-addthis.html [11]
http://worldclassmedia.com/plusone-sharethis.html [12]
http://worldclassmedia.com/plusone-addtoany.html [13]

Hope you liked it. Hey – do me a favor and +1, share, like & add this article! – Now that is overkill…

Look for more cool stuff to come…

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