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The Week We Searched for – June 17, 2011

Google purchases Admeld- On Monday, Google confirmed [1] its acquisition of Admeld, an online display advertising yield optimization firm, for $400 million [2]. Both Admeld’s CEO Michael Barret and Google’s VP of Display Advertising Neal Mohan commented on the acquisition on their respective blogs, stating that the partnership aims to make display advertising simpler for publishers and marketers. As Mohan explains, “By combining Admeld’s services, expertise and technology with Google’s offerings, we’re investing in what we hope will be an improved era of flexible ad management tools for major publishers.” For a more in-depth explanation of Admeld’s business and the future of Google’s display advertising strategy, check out Mohan’s blog post here [1].

Google introduces Instant Pages- Google introduced [3] a new search future called Instant Pages on Wednesday at its Inside Search event that predicatively preloads pages before a user clicks on a result. According to Google’s Amit Singhal, the feature will be available as a beta test on Chrome over the next week. Google expects Instant Pages to reduce search time by four to ten seconds/search.

Google introduces image search- In addition to Instant Pages, Google also introduced [3] its new image search, which enables users to search by simply dragging an image into Google’s search box. The feature works for both web and personal images. The service is currently being rolled out in 40 languages.

Google launches voice search- The last new feature Google unveiled [4] at its summit was its new search by voice feature that enables users to conduct searches using only the sound of their voice. Voice search has been available on mobile devices for a while, but Google’s Chrome will be the first web browser to enable it.

Facebook’s secret iPhone photo sharing app- TechCrunch reported [5] this week that Facebook is developing a “killer” new iPhone photo-sharing app. MC Siegler from TechCrunch praises Facebook’s anticipated app, stating , “The best way to think about it appears to be Path [6]meets Instagram [7] meets Color [8] meets (Path’s new side project [9]With [10] — with a few cool twists.  And obviously, it’s built entirely on top of Facebook’s massive social graph.” Check out the app in more details here [5].

Facebook’s Project Spartan- Shortly after TechCrunch published [11] the inside scoop on Facebook’s anticipated photo sharing app, they published another article about another secret Facebook project- Project Spartan. According to TechCrunch information, Project Spartan is the codename for a new HTML-5 mobile platform geared to the iPhone and iPad. The platform won’t be available through Apple’s App store, but rather it will be accessible via Safari. So, what’s Facebook’s intention? As MC Siegler explains it, “Those familiar with the project believe the intention is very clear: to use Apple’s own devices against them to break the stranglehold they have on mobile app distribution. With nearly 700 million users, Facebook is certainly in the position to challenge the almighty App Store distribution mechanism. But they need to be able to do so on Apple’s devices which make up a key chunk of the market.”

Pew Internet & American Life Project releases report on social media usership- Pew Internet & American Life Project [12], a project of the Pew Research Center, released [13] a report on how social networking is affecting Americans and how social media user engagement varies across age, gender and race demographics. According to Pew Research [14], “The findings presented here paint a rich and complex picture of the role that digital technology plays in people’s social worlds. Wherever possible, we seek to disentangle whether people’s varying social behaviors and attitudes are related to the different ways they use social networking sites, or to other relevant demographic characteristics, such as age, gender and social class.”


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