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The Week We Searched For- May 27, 2011

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Google introduces Google Wallet- Google announced its new wireless payment system, Google Wallet, this week. The service operates on Near Field Communications (NFC) and will enable customers to pay for goods simply by waving their phone in front of an NFC reader.  Google’s partners in the project include Citi, MasterCard, First Data and Sprint.

PayPal sues Google- PayPal is suing Google and two of its executives for stealing information, which they claimed helped Google develop their new Google Wallet service. PayPal filed a 28-page lawsuit against Stephanie Tilenius, Google’s VP of Commerce, and Osama Bedier, VP of Payments, just hours after Google announced its new mobile payments service. PayPal is also accusing Google of actively poaching PayPal employees.

Apple and Google to require privacy policies- Google and Apple have been asked by Senator Al Franken, D-Minn., to require their developers to include privacy policies in their location-based mobile apps. Senator Franken’s concerns are that users are not fully informed on what information they are giving up and how that information is being used. In his letter to Apple and Google, Franken writes, “I ask that you require all location-aware applications in your app stores to provide privacy policies that clearly specify what kind of location information is gathered from users, how that information is used, and how it is shared with third parties.”

Facebook hires lobbyist- Facebook hired two former Bush-era aides as lobbyists on Thursday. Joel Kaplan, the former deputy Chief of Staff in the Bush White House, will act as Facebook’s VP of U.S. public policy and Myriah Jordan, who worked in the office of the chief of staff, will be joining Facebook as a policy manager. Andrew Noyes, Facebook’s company spokesman, announced the two new members of Facebook’s policy team, stating, “At Facebook, we’re committed to explaining how our service works; the important actions we take to protect the more than 500 million people who use our service; and the value of innovation to our economy. This work occurs daily in Washington, at the state level, and with policymakers around the world.” Amidst privacy and child protection debates, Facebook’s two new hires reflect a growing necessity for a political presence in Washington D.C.

Must reads:

  • Barry Silverman authored an interesting article on BrandChannel, discussing Heineken’s digital marketing strategy and how they are using YouTube to attract younger (drinking-age) men and reboot their American market.
  • On Search Engine Land, Vanessa Fox talks about leveraging Google’s new service Google Correlate to research keyword popularity and trends, and correlate search trends with campaign data.
  • Interested in learning more about the possibilities of Google’s new Google Wallet service and Near Field Communications (NFC)? Check out Sam Gustin’s FAQ article on Wired.com, in which he discusses the technology, how it works and its market potential.





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