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How to: Setting Up a Mobile Paid Search Campaign

In case you didn’t have the chance to tune into The Search Agency’s webinar on mobile search [1] with comScore, we have pulled together the key best practices we discussed for executing a mobile search campaign. Smartphone devices offer users a more dynamic experience, and in turn provide marketers with highly targeted, inexpensive contact with their consumers. These behavioral differences, coupled with a wealthier, younger user demographic, have resulted in improved key search metrics. According to TSA’s research, cost-per-click on mobile campaigns is 30 percent lower than for desktop search. What’s more, mobile click-through rates is 5 times higher than desktop campaigns. These improvements can be attributed to both thebehavioral difference between mobile and PC search behavior as well as limited ad space. Unfortunately, launching a mobile paid search campaign isn't as simple as duplicating your desktop campaigns. Mobile users are looking for relevant information, quickly. In order to succeed in mobile search, marketers need to target their mobile campaigns to the specific needs of mobile searchers. Here's a brief summary from our webinar to get you started: Campaign Setup: Targeting Mobile Users: Optimizing Content Optimizing Landing Pages: Measuring Data: Bid Management: –      Mobile screens are small. Top 2 ads show above organic results –      Mobile queries are short, so bid aggressively on general keywords. If you are interested in learning more on launching or optimizing your mobile paid search campaign, download our new white paper on the topic “Mobile Paid Search: Dial Up Your Online Marketing Results [2].”