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Google’s Tips for Creating Panda-Friendly Content

Google’s Amit Singhal published [1] a blog post that addresses the concerns of sites affected by Google’s recent Panda update. [2] The purpose of the post is to provide sites impacted by Google’s algorithmic changes with insights into what Google values in online content. Naturally, Singhal doesn’t divulge Google’s actual ranking signals, but he does provide marketers with a set of questions to help them better understand why some sites were affected by the changes. The consistent message throughout Singhal’s questions is that marketers should focus on providing their users with the “best possible experience.” Here are the questions Singhal suggests marketers should ask themselves to test the quality of their site and content: Singhal's post offers a number of recommendations, most of which would be considered best practices for any content marketer.  Google's recent actions have heightened their importance. How has Google's Panda Update impacted the way you create content for your site?