The Week We Searched For- April 29, 2011

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Facebook launches Deals- Facebook entered the online coupon market this week with the launch of its new Deals service. Deals, which is currently being tested in five US cities, will enable customers to find deals on Facebook and share their shopping experiences with their social network.

Microsoft announces Q3 earnings- Microsoft reported a 13% Y/Y earnings increase this week of $16.44 billion with a net income of $5.2 billion. Online ad revenue improved 17% Y/Y, however the Bing/Yahoo partnership continues to fall short of market expectations.

Although Microsoft’s overall profits are up 31% from last quarter, the software giant still failed to beat out its nemesis Apple, which recently doubled its profits to $5.99 billion. While Microsoft’s profits still increased, Sam Gustin explained on, “This event is symbolic, because it points to the diverging fortunes of two of the most famous tech companies in the world. Apple, quite simply, is the hottest company on the planet, with break-through mobile products like the iPhone and iPad, as well as its revered line of Mac desktop computers and laptops. Microsoft, by contrast, is seen as a plodding, hide-bound behemoth, struggling to keep pace as the locus of computing moves off the desktop and into the mobile space and “the cloud.”

Facebook snatched talent from Daytum- Facebook acquired the data-collection startup Daytum this week, and with it its two talented cofounders Ryan Case and Nicholas Felton. Case and Felton spoke about the acquisition on the Daytum’s blog, stating, “We’re thrilled to announce today that we just started a new phase of our careers: we’ve moved to California to join the product design team at Facebook. Building Daytum — and seeing how people use it — has been one of the most satisfying things we’ve done. We’re excited to start the next chapter, working with the rest of the design team at Facebook to help people express themselves and share experiences with friends. While we’ll be working full time at Facebook, Daytum will live on and will continue to work the same way as it does today.”

Founders of YouTube acquire Delicious- YouTube founders, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, purchased the bookmarking service Delicious this week from Yahoo for an undisclosed amount. Hurley and Chen will reportedly use Delicious as part of their new tool-building startup Avos.

Nielsen’s releases its ‘U.S. Smartphone Market: Who’s the Most Wanted?’ report- On Tuesday, Nielsen released its January 2011- March 2011 survey data on U.S. mobile consumers. The report revealed several changes from the report they released in September 2010. Back in July-September 2010, 33% of consumers planning to purchase a new smartphone preferred Apple’s iOS, compared to 26% who preferred Google’s Android.  With this latest report,  Android has surpassed iOS, with 31% citing Android as their preferred device, versus 30% who cited Apple iOS.

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