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The Week We Searched For- April 15, 2011

Posted By Camille Canon On April 15, 2011 @ 10:02 am In Featured,News | 1 Comment

Google’s shares fall- Google Q1 earnings report [1] disappointed Wall Street this week, with an adjusted profit of $8.08 a share, which fell short of the $8.11 projected profit. Google’s shares falling 5% in Thursday’s after-hours trading.

Apple snags Microsoft’s cloud computer guru- Rumors [2] have it that Apple has snagged Microsoft’s Kevin Timmons, the former general manager of Microsoft’s Datacenter Services. It’s still unclear what position Timmons will take at Apple.

Search remains #1 source for content sites- According to Outbrain’s Content Discovery and Engagement Report [3], search remains the best source for driving traffic to content sites. The report, which focuses on Q1 2011, found that search drove 41% of external traffic. Other forms of traffic were generated from content sites (31%), portals (17%) and social media (11%).

Google and YouTube lead in video numbers- According to comScore’s online video rankings [4] for March 2011, Google and YouTube remain in the lead with highest number of visitor sessions and minutes per view. Google sites accumulated nearly 2 billion views last month, with a cumulative average of 4.6 hours per viewer.

Google invests in solar energy- Google invested [5] $168 million in what will be the world’s largest social power plant in the Mojave Desert. The plant will have 173,000 heliostats and, once completed in 2013, is expected to generate 392 MW of solar energy.

Google’s Panda update goes global -Six weeks after updating the U.S. algorithm to downgrade the search rankings of Google-identified “content farms,” Google has expanded its Panda update [6] to all English-speaking users worldwide.  The Guardian has published its list of winners and losers [7] from the Panda update in the UK.

What we are reading:

  • Ryan Singel authored [8] an article this week on Wired.com, discussing recent allegations put forth by New York businessman Paul Ceglia that his initial investment of $2,000 to Mark Zuckerberg entitles him to half of Facebook. Ceglia, who has been convicted of fraud in the past, maintains he has e-mail evidence to prove his claim. As Singel says in his article, “This is either an elaborate con job or Ceglia has proof of the biggest corporate thievery since Bernie Madoff.”
  • Danny Sullivan posted an article today on Search Engine Land, which asks the question, Could Bing Improve Its Search Results with Google +1? [9] The article articles addresses a question that came up at SEL’s SMX Sydney conference, asking whether or not Bing could use Google’s +1 data to improve its search results, as it currently does with Facebook’s Like Button data.
  • Alec Green published [10] an interesting interview with Ben Edelman yesterday on The Search Agents’ blog, in which Edelman discusses his research on the effect of advertising labels on search behavior and The Search Agency’s research on the impact of Google’s switch from “Sponsored Links” to “Ads” on CTR.


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