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The Week We Searched For- April 1, 2011

Google’s April Fool’s Day- Google has broadened its reach in offline media with its new gBlimps service [1]. According to Google’s official announcement, “After years of meticulous design, our brand new fleet of blimps is finally ready to take to the skies. Soon you’ll be seeing Google blimps (a.k.a. gBlimps) flying over major cities, displaying AdWords ads to a larger audience than ever before.”

Facebook launches new mobile site-Facebook launched [2] its new mobile site on Thursday—m.Facebook.com. Unlike the old site, which was aimed exclusively at high-end touchscreen devices, the new site targets the non-smartphone market. According to a blog post [3] by Lee Byron, Facebook product designer, “We think it’s important to provide an excellent mobile Web experience. Now, whenever we launch new features on the mobile site, they’ll be available on any mobile browser, presented in the best possible experience.”

Google +1 Button– Google introduced [4] a new feature to its suite of social search services, the +1 Button. Comparable with Facebook’s Like Button, the +1 feature will enable users to exchange recommendations within Google’s search results.

TV Spending unaffected by online growth- eMarketer released [5] new data this week on US ad spending across various verticals. According to their findings, television retains the largest share of US media spending at 39.1%. eMarketer also found that the overwhelming growth in online advertising has not had an impact on television’s market share. Instead their research concludes that online media’s market shares are coming from print media and directories.

High-speed Internet for Kansas City- According to a report to in the Wall Street Journal, [6]Google has selected Kansas City, Kansas as the test center for their super high-speed Internet service. The blue collar city comes as a surprise to many, who anticipated Google to elect a city like Los Angeles or Chicago. The decision is likely to provide a significant boost to the region’s economy and schools.

Microsoft files complaint against Google with EC- Microsoft filed [7] an anti-trust complaint this week against Google with the European Commission regarding Google’s competitive practices. The complaint accuses Google of several anti-competitive practices, including their 2006 acquisition of YouTube, their book search, charging higher cost ads for direct rivals and more.

Google shuts down Google Music- TechCrunch [8] noticed yesterday that Google was no longer serving playable results in their SERP. Google launched their music search feature back in the fall of 2009. Previously, users could search for an artist or song and listen to the entire or at least part of the song online within Google’s search results. Robin Wauters at TechCrunch speculates that perhaps Google is paving the way for their new, improved music service.




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