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The Royal Wedding Treatment for Online Marketing Clients

Being a former Brit (although as they say, "You can take the bloke out of England, but you can never take the 'England' out of the bloke") I admit to following along with the prep for the William / Kate nuptials. On ABC7 News this morning, they were interviewing one of the stiff upper lip catering managers as they discussed how fastidious they were in planning and executing every detail of the most special of British days, to ensure "nothing was left to chance." Now far be it from me to introduce irony and doubt to such a blessed union's event, but I must admit to being a little surprised at the comment. Any service-driven company - including our very own agency - should seek to ensure *every* wedding engagement would leave nothing to chance. In fact, at The Search Agency we have checks and balances on most of our planning and processes to try and make certain (at least as far as the Google gremlins allow), nothing is ever left to chance, or whims of search engine giants. Our SEO teams frequently state that in the absence of certain tags, indicators or cues, search engines will make their own decisions (e.g. SERP snippets), so we attempt to anticipate and cover all bases to mitigate any surprises where possible. Our SEM teams are constantly monitoring (leveraging our AdMax™ platform and good old human eyeballs) impression volume, spend, CPAs and a whole host of PPC factors to ensure as little is "left to chance" as is human and algorithmically possible. So at risk of losing any possibility of a knighthood from Her Royal Highness <bowing>, I'd like to give the Royal planners a swift kick up their Royal bums for even suggesting that the "Katilliam" Royal Wedding would be anything less than perfectly executed. Because that's exactly how every engagement should be.