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New White Paper: Evidence-Based Search Marketing

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Search marketers are under increasing pressure to deliver better results at lower costs. But the field of search marketing is relatively immature, and much of the research and emerging standards that gets published comes with minimal oversight and critical review. Search marketing specialists must find new ways to efficiently process this dynamic and ever-increasing set of best practices, and efficiently apply them in order to improve the outcomes of their campaigns.

Evidence-based search marketing (EBSM) is a new approach to campaign management in which search marketing specialists are empowered with actionable evidence, relevant data, and decision-support technology to improve results and efficiency. Based on the principles of evidence-based medicine, EBSM offers search marketers a rigorous process to conduct original research, objectively review secondary research and industry developments, maintain a library of evidence-based best practices and apply them to their daily campaigns.

As an industry, we have a great opportunity to adopt a more systematic (evidence-based) approach to quality improvement and expand our commitment to ongoing primary research and publication. With the success many hospitals and clinics have had in using evidence-based medicine to improve the quality of patient care, a new paradigm based on integrating individual specialist expertise with the best available external evidence from systematic research holds great potential to improve the quality and efficiency of search marketing.

Download the complete white paper on evidence-based search marketing and let us know what you see as the potential for this new paradigm.

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6 Responses to “New White Paper: Evidence-Based Search Marketing”

  1. Vlad Rascanu says:

    I don’t necessarily agree with the fact that the industry is under pressure to deliver better results at lower costs. I think there are certain individuals in the industry that are delivering excellent results consistently and they do not have to worry about lowering their costs because good results will bring in good ROI for the client and so the client will have no reason to complain. However, those entering the industry after having read 2-3 books and 2-3 blogs claiming to be experts in the industry SHOULD be under pressure to deliver better result, but unfortunately they don’t seem to be. I consistently see these noobes fool clients with their “expertise” in Search Marketing and then the clients will go on the net and complain about them after the crime was already done.

    The classic “you get what you pay for” is also valid in this industry and those that know what they’re doing know how much their services are really worth.

    • Alec Green says:

      I agree Vlad. Just as in healthcare, outcomes are the ultimate measure of search marketing success. And as long as you’re generating a positive ROI, most savvy search marketers will pay for quality.
      We do, however, need to distinguish the cost of search marketing services (e.g. agency and consultant fees) vs. the media costs. I do think all search marketers (client side or agency side) face escalating media costs, which forces everyone to become even more efficient in their campaign management.

  2. The fact remains that search engine marketing is hot in the marketplace. It’s unavoidable how important online marketing is for websites and brands.

  3. The fact remains that search engine marketing is hot in the marketplace. It’s unavoidable how important online marketing is for websites and brands.


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