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I Have Returned to the Desert to Find Tablets

CES is back and bigger than ever.  Everyone is commenting that the show – after declining a few years ago – is back in full force.  And (almost) everyone is represented.  The Las Vegas convention center is literally busting at the seams with vendors and more than 120,000 attendees.  What’s hot?  Anything having to do with a tablet, 3D and mobility.  Lots of 3D applications never imagined before:  TV, Cameras – all for consumers and not just at your local theater.  And if you thought the iPad was the only game in town, there is a tidal wave about to hit the market which can only benefit your pocketbook.  One of the most exciting tablets I saw was a device that went from desktop phone to tablet that could be used for video conferencing as well.  The convergence of everything you need, at the office, at home, on the road.

And the peripherals…  So many phone, iPod, tablet cases, accessories, extensions.  And headphones were huge:  ear buds, full headphones, licensed products with all of your favorite characters and brands.

It is certainly an exciting show and one that allows each attendee to be a tech geek – at least for a couple of days.

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