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How Search Marketing is Like Medicine

Search marketers and doctors – two groups of professionals that may not have that much in common. You generally don’t see them hanging out at the same cocktail parties.  And they probably didn’t take many of the same classes in college.   They don’t dress alike.   They speak their own languages with goofy acronyms that the other group can’t understand.  And one group had to spend years of their life toiling away in school, residency, clinical training, and continuing education classes in order to practice their trade and maintain their credentials.  The other group can rightfully begin work with an internet connection, a Google log in, and a credit card.

narrative report writing [1]

Search marketers are obsessed with performance metrics and margins.  Physicians are obsessed with the quality of patient care… actually many of them are also focused on making money.  Beyond the profit motive, there are many other similarities between the fields of search marketing and medicine, particularly around the use of data and statistical endpoints in diagnosis and treatment:

While the individuals that go into each field may be cut from different cloths, the practice of search marketing and medicine really isn’t that different.  And many of the issues and challenges that search marketers face today – data management, balancing quality and cost, incorporating new innovations —  are already being addressed by healthcare quality improvement (QI) organizations.  In a future blog post, we’ll consider how we could use some of these QI principles to improve the results of our search marketing campaigns.

Until then, leave a comment and let us know what other similarities you see between search marketing and medicine – or your favorite doctor joke.

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