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Google to Reformat Paid Ad Descriptions

Google is set to make another change to the appearance of their paid-search advertisements. Once this is implemented, any description line 1 that ends in punctuation will be tacked on to the headline and separated by a dash. The change will only affect paid ads appearing in the top three positions.





As with any change to Google’s search results page (SERP), this reformatting could impact key metrics. We expect this change to improve click-through rate (CTR) and increase competition on the top three paid search positions. As Danielle Sadowski, Group Account Director at The Search Agency explains, “The headline is traditionally a very appealing portion of the creative unit. During creative testing we have found that changing the headline to be highly relevant to the query searched or using a strong brand name has always helped increase the CTR of the ads. Making the headline longer will certainly give advertisers more room to create a compelling message and grab the users attention. Conversely, the longer text may detract users’ engagement as it makes the text look more like an ad unit. I’m excited to test this new ad variation and measure whether there is a positive impact on CTR as was suggested by Google’s research and also measure whether there is also an impact on conversion rate.”

Google has not announced when this new format will go into effect.  Once it has been implemented, we will measure the impact on our clients’ AdWords campaigns.

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