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Google launches Keep My Opt-Outs

Google launched [1] a new tool on Monday called Keep My Opt-Outs, [2] designed to enable users to permanently opt out of ad tracking cookies. Unlike current opt-out systems, which reset whenever you delete your cookies, Keep My Opt-Outs is built in to Google’s Chrome browser, making the opt-out process permanent. Google warns that if you choose to install the Keep My Opt-Outs extension, you are permanently opting out of ad tracking, which will alter your online marketing experience. Google explains in their blog post announcing the launch, “Keep in mind that once you install the Keep My Opt-Outs extension, your experience of online ads may change: You may see the same ads repeatedly on particular websites, or see ads that are less relevant to you.” The extension is currently available exclusively to Chrome, but Google says they plan to make Keep My Opt-Outs available to more browsers in the future and Google has opened sourced the plug-in for other developers. Ben Gibson, Managing Director of The Search Agency's U.K. offices, explains that the tool's impact on search marketers will most likely be minimal, stating, "Personalised ads are good for users, reducing the serving of irrelevant ads to them. Stopping this is a poor user experience, whilst also harming the ability for advertisers to reach the right consumers. The 'Keep my opt outs' option therefore is great for neither users nor advertisers. That said, the impact of this change seems likely to be low; as it needs to be chosen by users it will most likely have a low adoption rate. If 'keep my opt outs', and similar options within other browsers, become a default setting, it would then be problematic." How do you think this new tool will impact search marketers?