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An Interview with David Hughes

Question: What are your plans for The Search Agency in 2011?

Answer: We finished off 2010 strongly and intend to take that momentum into 2011.   We will continue to enhance our core Search offerings – SEM, SEO and Consumer Experience – while continuing to grow our Display, Social, Mobile and Local offerings to help our partners meet their marketing objectives.  These enhancements require a greater focus on our Product, Business Intelligence and Business Processes and we are growing our investment in these areas so that we can continue to be at the forefront of the Search landscape. We are also excited about our continued growth in the East Coast with the opening of our Baltimore office and expanding our footprint in the UK and Europe.

Question: What projects are you excited to be working on?

Answer: I am really excited about working on a Strategy product that will help our Partners better understand the Online Marketing landscape and will help us collectively make better asset allocation  / ROI decisions with them.

Question: What do you think the biggest trends in the online marketing industry will be in 2011, and how will they affect search marketers?

Answer: Two trends that are emerging today are Mobile and local. With the growth in smartphones, 3G and 4G, Mobile is finally becoming a platform/channel that can have real impact. Intertwined with Mobile is the localization of Search as evidenced by Google Pages and the “ten pack” on local-oriented search result pages. It is very important to TSA to help our Partners understand the impact these might have on their businesses and to figure out ways together to leverage opportunities on their behalf.

Question: What industry challenges should marketers be aware of in the coming year?

Answer: The biggest challenges include a constant evolution of the marketplace itself –- witness the number of changes Google is making to its Search Results pages — and the underlying economy which we believe will continue to be pressured due to limited growth in new jobs in 2011.

Question: What are some of your interests outside of the office?

Answer: I travel a lot so my primary interest outside of work is spending time with my wife and two boys (ages 5 and 3). They are terrific and provide me a ton of energy.

About Camille Canon

Outside of summer jobs and not-for-profit internships, The Search Agency is my first official place of employment. I recently graduated from Mount Holyoke College, where I studied Art History and German. I am an avid cook, baker, and destroyer of diets. My specialties are cream cheese brownies, biscotti cookies and lemon bars. I am also an Art enthusiast. Living in Berlin enables me to follow a young, emerging Art scene complete with “eccentric” performance pieces and temporarily converted butcher shop galleries. I also enjoy running, traveling, and handy work. Camille Canon + [6]