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Yahoo’s Transition to Microsoft AdCenter: A Mixed Bag for Advertisers

The approval [1] of the Microsoft/Yahoo! search alliance was one of 2010’s most important news stories for search marketers.  And on October 27, Yahoo! announced [2] the successful transition of all advertiser accounts to the adCenter platform. To assess the impact of the Microsoft/Yahoo! search alliance on advertiser performance, The Search Agency conducted a pre/post analysis across several accounts from a variety of industries.  We compared performance for the last 3 weeks separately managed by Yahoo! search marketing and Microsoft adCenter (9/20 – 10/10) to the first 3 weeks after the full transition to adCenter (11/1 – 11/21).  Between 10/11 and 10/27, there was a phased migration of accounts, so we removed this transition period from the analysis. Here are the top-line results of our analysis: [3] Discussion Impact for Search Marketers Based on these findings, here are some recommendations to improve results across your BingHoo campaigns: Note:  Microsoft does not disclose a quality score so it will be hard to gauge success based on this factor.  But CTR increases, or CPC declines and/or increases in average positions or traffic can be a good indicator of success. What impact have you seen on your Microsoft/Yahoo! campaigns since the transition?   Do you expect these trends to continue or will advertisers and Microsoft make any significant adjustments to affect performance?