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The Week We Searched For- December 3, 2010

Facebook Co-Founder Turns to Altruistic Social Networking Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes has created [1] a new social network called Jumo, aimed at connecting charities with global organizations and individuals. The network will establish connections between people in need and organizations that can help them, as well as connect charities with possible donors. Currently, Jumo has 3,500 global users. Google Confesses to Trespassing After a two-year court battle with Aaron and Christine Boring of Pennsylvania, Google has finally admitted to illegally trespassing on the family’s property to acquire data for their Street View service.  The Boring may not be excited to find out that Google has agreed [2] to pay the couple $1. Google Pledges Better Copyright Protection Measures In a blog post on Thursday, Google announced new measures it will take to restrict online copyright infringement. The new measures Google lists in their post [3] include: For more information on Google’s new copyright protection policies, check out Thomas Claburn’s article [5] on InformationWeek. U.S. Smartphone Market is Heating Up According to a report published [6] by The Nielsen Company this week, 29.7% of U.S. mobile users use a fully operating smartphone. The reported revealed that Apple’s iPhone OS and the RIM Blackberry OS share market control with 27.9% and 27.4% respectively. For more information, check out Nick Bilton’s breakdown [7] of the report on the NYTimes technology blog. Mark Zuckerberg to Appear on 60 Minutes Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will appear [8] on 60 Minutes this Sunday to discuss the movie “The Social Network,” which presented a critical interpretation of Zuckerberg’s biography and the creation of Facebook.