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The Week We Searched For- November 19, 2010

Posted By Camille Canon On November 19, 2010 @ 10:54 am In Featured,News | No Comments

Google in discussions with Groupon

According to Kara Swisher [1] at All Things D, Google is in discussions with Groupon to acquire the company for over $3 billion. Groupon runs a very successful business sending daily emails to users across the globe with coupons on products and services specific to their location. How they make money, you might ask? Groupon keeps 50% of every deal where the coupon was used.

Although rumored, the acquisition would mark a huge investment in Google’s local search efforts and one the largest purchases on Eric Schmidt’s internet shopping spree.

Facebook introduces the ‘Modern Messaging System’

Facebook unveiled its highly anticipated email system, or “modern messaging system” on Monday. According to a presentation held in San Francisco on Monday, Facebook is looking to use its  “modern messaging system” to replace traditional email, by combining email, instant messaging and texting into one instant system.

During his presentation Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained [2], “E-mail is too formal. Think of the friction of trying to think of the e-mail address and think of a subject line, write ‘Hey Mom,’ at the top and ‘Love, Mark’ at the bottom.”

Google introduces fashion search site

Google launched a fashion search site called Boutiques.com [3] this week, designed to help women construct fashion profiles, search trends, build outfits and more online.

Munjal Shah, product management director, explains, “Our machine learning algorithms use this information to enable you to shop all of the inventory in the style of that tastemaker, on top of the 50 items they’ve hand-curated.” To read more, check out Antone Gonsalves’ [4] article on InformationWeek.

Dell’s earnings surpass expectations

Dell had an excellent third quarter, reporting [5] a 19% increase in revenue and a 144% increase in net income. Dell beat analysts’ expectations of $637 million in net income with $822 million or 42 cents per share.

Google now offers ‘time travel’

Google introduced their new Google Sky Map mobile application this week that enables viewers to “time travel,” by letting them see ‘the sky at a specific date, past or future.’ [6] The app is available for devices running on Android 1.6 or higher.

Suggested Blogs:

  • Another really interesting article from Kara Swisher at All Things D this week, discussing [7] the uncertainty of Yahoo’s future and the negative effect it could have on Bing’s bid against Google.
  • Ryan Singel at Wired.com [8] authored an article this week on FCC chairman Julius Genachowski and the complicated politics of net neutrality.
  • Harry McCracken at PCWorld [9] considers whether critics are being too critical of Google TV 

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