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New Video: What is the best way to bid for paid search ad space?

This is the first of The Search Agency's new series of one-minute Q&A videos. In this edition, Bradd Libby and Caitlyn Duggan tackle one of the most discussed questions in paid search marketing: what is the best way to bid for paid search ad space? Bradd introduces bid management and bid optimization as two of the most crucial, yet complicated, elements of any PPC campaign. As Bradd discusses in the video, there is no "one size fits all" approach to bid optimization. The best bidding methodology depends on the size of a campaign, how well you are able to track data, its specific goals and budget. For smaller campaigns, Libby suggests using simple methods, whereas larger campaigns require an automated solution that leverages statistics and probability. There is only so much we can cover in a minute, so for a more detail analysis of bid optimization, check out The Search Agency's white paper [1] entitled "Bid Optimization in Paid Search: Aligning Advertising Strategy with Business Goals.”